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When To Buy A New House

Different times of the year are perfect for different things. January is a great time to do any splurge shopping so you can snap up great sales and deals after the rush of Christmas and the summer is the best time to go on holiday if you want to catch a tan.

But did you know there’s also a time of year to buy a house? While it may not be a clean cut and definite time and date, the different times of the year impact the property market meaning there are some periods you may want to avoid and some you may wish to aim for.

Firstly, Christmas time is not a great time of year to be purchasing a new home. The end of the year is busy and hectic for everyone which in turn means less people are looking to sell their properties during the festive season.

This means less choice on the market, as well as the properties that are available likely having a much longer processing and wait time before you are ready to move in.

You may think it a great time to try and snap up a deal as there are fewer people looking to buy, but you will also have very limited options.

The same goes for the height of summer. Many people simply don’t have the time to buy or sell during the summer as families with children often have their hands full already.

The end of winter is usually a good time to think about buying. Most people looking to sell have got their affairs in order by this time and there are plenty of houses on the market in the springtime, meaning you most likely will find a property and be settled in time to sit back and enjoy the summer in your new home.

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