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Top tips for making moving house a lot more simple and easy

When moving house, there are a million details which need to be finetuned and factored in. With so much to remember, it is easy to forget something important along the way.

A checklist is a great way to ensure nothing is forgotten and you are ready to go when the time to move comes.

First, ensure your move-in and move-out dates line up. This is often something which people overlook and it can land you in a very sticky situation. The best way to manage a move is to have a move-in date that overlaps with your move-out date.

This allows you to move all your belongings over, ensure everything has been checked off the list and gives you the time to organise yourself over the space of a few days, rather than having to rush everything in one go or having to put your belongings in storage.

Next, make sure your utilities have been set up before you move in. There's nothing worse than settling into your first night at a new place and realising there's no hot water!

Set up your water, electric, gas, internet and broadband prior to moving in so you can enjoy all these comforts straight away, rather than having to rush to set them all up on your first night.

Also make sure you have changed your address for all other important accounts and documents. This includes letting your bank know, changing your GP and dentist, letting your job know and also changing the address on your driving licence.

A great way to ensure your packing and unpacking is a breeze is to use a coherent labelling system. This means you can have all the right boxes in the right place, rather than rummaging through a mess of belongings trying to find something.

Having all your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom items together makes it a lot easier to find the essentials in the first few days and can also make unpacking a lot quicker, as you can take it one room at a time.

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